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Temple Interactive Media

Digital Services and Solutions


Temple Interactive Media specialise in the provision of digital services and solutions to governments, large corporations, charities and broadcasters. We are a UK Government G Cloud 11 supplier for Cloud Hosting, Software and Support and UK Government Digital Services and Solutions 3 supplier. We are a BBC Approved Supplier (Voice and Digital Services III) and have Broadcast PRS licence from the Phone-paid Services Authority.

Temple Interactive Media design, build and manage bespoke interactive and automation services. We provide complete solutions for automation from business analysis requirements, hardware supply, software development, hosting and management. Our solutions reduce staffing requirements and improve customer experiences. Our automated systems reduce the reliance on live call centre agents. We develop both voice and web services allowing companies to manage their customer relationships without human interaction. Using machine learning our systems automatically adapt to customer preferences improving customer experiences through automated voice recognition and web chat services. We provide secure automated payment solutions for phone, mobile, web and social media. Using blockchain technologies we integrate third party asset control policies directly into our applications allowing transparent transactions throughout the supply chain.

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Digital Services and Solutions

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